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Classic Carpet Cleaning exists to ensure that you get all the cleaning services that you need. Our wide range of cleaning services includes cleaning of carpets, tiles, upholstery, different types of floors, and cleaning of any other kind of surface that you can think of. We are therefore glad to serve you any moment that you require our services. We can serve any properties located in Mableton, GA or in any of the areas that are close by.

We use different cleaning methods to remove dirt, germs, and pests from all types of surfaces. For example, we use steam cleaning to get rid of stains and ensure that the cleaned surface regains its original look. For cleaning carpets, we have professional carpet steam cleaning equipment that ensures that the carpet takes less time to dry. For hardwood floor cleaning, we use appropriate cleaning agents to avoid any kind of damage to the hardwood surface and ensure that it maintains its shine. Our highly qualified personnel will always find the most appropriate way to clean your different materials, whether it is carpets, floors or upholstery.

Apart from ensuring that our services are of high quality, we are also keen to make our charges affordable. This is why we have flexible rates that are based on the nature of the task that we have to do for you. What this means is that we will charge you for services such as hardwood floor cleaning or carpet cleaning based on the magnitude and complexity of the task. More importantly, we offer advice on ways to reduce the cost while at the same time ensuring that the level of cleanliness that is required is not compromised.

Thus, if you live in Mableton, GA or other areas such as Hiram, Austellor Dallas, you need to reach us to sample our services. Visit or call us anytime during working hours. You also log onto our website at for more information!
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